What a mattress has to do?

Before we deal in detail with the correct mattress cleaning, we briefly introduce the features that must meet a mattress, as there are some significant relationships here:

State storage

The mattress must support the body optimally and let it sink in. The ergonomically correct positioning of the body is the most important main task of the mattress: In every sleeping or lying position, the spine should maintain its natural S-shape, so that the necessary relief and regeneration can take place. For this, the mattress must support the body in some places (under) and be more flexible in other places, so that the body can sink deeper into the sleeping pad there.


The body of a healthy person releases about half a liter of fluid during a single night – in sick people, it can quickly become one and a half liters and more. About one-third of this liquid is absorbed in the sleeping pad. So that you are not literally in the “own juice”, it is therefore very important that the mattress quickly dissipates the absorbed moisture from the body.

Thermal insulation

The heat-insulating effect of mattresses varies depending on their nature. For example, Cold foam mattresses or other mattresses with foam core have a very high insulation effect and can therefore “store” the absorbed body heat for a long time. This is important for people who freeze faster or people who spend the night at rather low room temperatures. If the bedroom is more heated or the sleeper generally tends to get too warm during the night, a mattress should be chosen that has only a medium insulation effect. When assessing the heat-insulating function of a mattress, however, one must also takes into account one’s own body weight as well as, if necessary, special properties of a mattress model. Those who weigh a little and lie on a firm sleeping pad usually do not sweat, even if the mattress offers a high level of thermal insulation, while a heavy person usually sinks deeper into the sleeping pad and thus generally “warmer” even with a less heat-insulating mattress. Explore huge range of branded Mattressonline at sleepjunkie.online.